The Home Project

Paul Walsh 

All the Buildings
David Sterry

Chloe Lelliott

Peripheral Homes
Barry Falk

That, which is outwardly lost, must be inwardly won
Mitch Karunaratne

Not To Go  
Jonty Tacon

The notion of home is deeply embedded within the human consciousness. For some it may signify a house, a family, a place where one was born or a country of residence. Home for most of us is a geographical reference point, and can represent a point in time where we can re-trace memories of our younger selves. This connection between home and memory reveals that it is more than just a physical space but also a psychological one. The concept of home is clearly a complex one, yet whatever home represents for each of us, it is something both unique and personal. MAP6 explored the notion of home, with each photographer making a series of photographs relating to their personal vision of the theme. In a time when the idea of home is becoming blurred, due to globalization and widespread immigration, this collective project aims to encourage others to recognize and re-evaluate their own version of home.