Barry Falk

Barry Falk explores the tucked away and neglected corners of the city and the peripheral areas around urban developments. His work highlights an aspect of the urban environment which is either not willingly acknowledged (the pissed in corners) or generally not paid attention to (a launderette, hospital stairwell, derelict or brownfield site). These peripheral views and chance encounters effectively convey the visual intrigue and evocativeness of forgotten spaces. They also demonstrate how seeming emptiness can be evocative. Peripheral refers to things and places outside of the main vision, forgotten either because they are not thought interesting or because they remind us of things best not dwelled upon. These are places where movement stalls and memory collects in a seemingly purposeless way. Barry Falks photographs seek to suggest certain psychological states of mind, akin to Freud’s notion of the unheimliche: something familiar which has become alienated through the process of repression.

MAP6 Projects

The Home Project  Peripheral Homes

The Lithuanian Project  A system of absurdity

The Milton Keynes Project – Lost & Found in Milton Keynes