Mitch Karunaratne

How we experience place, how it seeps into our being, shapes our perceptions and contributes to how our identities are formed fascinates Mitch Karunaratne. She comes from a place that people have an opinion of, that has its own jokes, that has developed its own brand. Exploring the importance of place in our cultural make up, how place holds histories, tells tales and shapes socio economic realities is central to her work.

It is important to her practice to find ways to explore the notions of the attachments we have to particular places, places that are rich in story and resonance, to respond to place, and working through its significance in the process of psychological, cultural and economic transformations.

MAP6 Projects

The Shetland Project – Three Times to The Moon and Back

The Moscow ProjectStar City

The Home Project That, which is outward lost, must be inwardly won

The Lithuanian Project – Middle Europe

The Milton Keynes Project – Exhausting Milton Keynes