The Shetland Islands are between Norway and Scotland, 50 miles from the mainland. The winters are long and dark, in summer the temperatures rarely get above 20 degrees, and the climate is wet and windy. The largest town has less than 7500 inhabitants. Some may wonder if this is the ideal environment for a child, yet the young generation has spirit and loyalty to their land. Some children and teenagers are more isolated than others with friends living many miles away from one another, yet there is a sense of contentment and belonging. So it seems that Shetland is a place where children can roam freely within the community and be in contact with nature, or perhaps the eyes of a child, yet to be clouded by the complications of adult life, presents a more peaceful and romantic portrayal of Island life? With this in mind Heather Shuker traversed the islands capturing portraits that show us how the remote and transitory nature of the landscape has shaped the younger generation of today.