Milton Keynes, as a state commissioned and executed New Town, resonates with the tenor of similarly planned 20th century Soviet urban space. Architecture, furniture, and automobiles of the communist regimes are renowned as functional. As Milton Keynes followed a similar method of prioritising practicality over natural urban development, Dustin Newhouse photographically explored whether or not it also manifests as lifeless. In his project Reflections, Dustin used single exposure photography to create complex representations of the layers of Milton Keynes. Within the photographs, the urban appears superimposed upon the passage of time; the photos are both of the present and of the past that led to it.

As part of the Milton Keynes project, MAP6 invited photographer Dustin Newhouse to be a guest collaborator. Coming from The East Coast of the United States, his work largely explores the intersection of philosophy and photography. Dustin is the first guest to be invited to participate on a project, and MAP6 plan to work with more photographers for future projects to help advance their practice.